Ready To Ship Blank Sublimation No Show Socks

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No Show socks in the same material as our streetwear socks. They come pre-loaded onto Jigs so you literally just place them on your Heatpress and press them!

Print instructions: 400 degrees, 30-35 seconds under press.

Do both sides, with the roll method after the first side all over the socks to avoid a white line if doing an all-over print. Then discard the insert after using or ship to your customers with inserts on. They wear and feel great! A smooth medium thickness like our streetwear ankle and crew socks.95% Polyester, 5% elastane/spandex, Sublimation ready.

Printable area of each sock when stretched onto a Jig and ready to print W x H:

XS: 3.75" x 8.25"
Small: 4" x 9"
Medium: 4" x 10"
Large: 4" x 11"
XL: 4" x 12.5"

See size chart image in the photos for socks equivalent shoe size.
All sock are unisex and can fit both men and women. Note: Size chart is just a guide, we recommend trying out the different sizes and seeing which fit you like the best and which sizes you'd like to then carry and offer your customers.